Thursday, December 12, 2013

Checked. Under weight!

The scales were good to us. All crates underweight with a gracious and encouraging American Airlines ticket professional! Thanks to Stephen and Cathy, Keli's parents, who zip-tied, made custom labels and lugged our cargo. Thanks Kelly O (kellyanna) and Quail members for sending so much love, peanut butter, velveeta and candy canes to our missionary families!!!! Love. Thanks to Jennie, Emma, Rachel, Grace, Abigail and James for the love, gifts and hugs to take with us. Thanks to Stan, Giles and Grant for letting us GO! 

UPDATE: not even left OKC and I lost my passport for about five mins. Agent helped me call tsa, police and was about to retrace steps to the ladies when I found it in my shirt. #calmdown. For real. 

Dreams coming true!

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