Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The beauty of unplugged

Electricity. Lights. THE COFFEE MAKER.  Battery chargers for phones, laptops, cameras.  We need the power. We want the power. But when it's off, life MUST go on in Rwanda. So sometimes the coffee doesn't brew and you don't get a morning shower. Or candles get lit and flashlights get brought out at dinner time. It might be dark for ten minutes or four hours or all day. But it happens here. A lot. And no one freaks out. 

Happened our first morning here. A Sunday. 

At Christ's Church Rwanda, the generator was hooked up to power the stage - microphones, a projector to share words to songs and scripture, amps and lights. But when the generator failed right when all the music had been sung and played, everyone leaned in a little closer to hear Bryan's devotion and Brett's sermon. 

Granted, no power is a drag here and it  hampers businesses, restaurants and other ventures. It's a growing pain of a quickly developing nation. 

So if it takes a little unplugged to be flexible and patient ... Isn't that a decent silver lining? 

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